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June 05, 2007


Jean-Pierre Mansour

Air Ride Moving & Storage gave me a quote of 890.00 and then increased it to almost 1,200.00. They showed up in an unmarked van, unlike the Air Ride van on their site with their logo. When they arrived, I wanted my money back because of the unmarked van, the poor service and the fact that the movers were not in uniform. They told me that I would lose my 250.00 deposit, if I was to cancel. I had no choice but to accept. To make matters worse, they destryed many of my goods. Among them was an lcd tv and my bed. When I called them, they sent me a fake looking claim form and said that they would get back to me in 1 to 2 weeks after receiving it. Almost 3 months have passed, and when i try to contact them, they tell me that I have the wrong number. Not even the Better Buisiness Bureau can get a hold of them I guess this is why Air Ride Moving & Storage has received an F rating by them. The BBB has another 25 people to deal with because of this family owned and operated criminal organization known as Air Ride Moving & Storage.

I. Gold

Allstar Moving & Storage Inc. Also in business as easymoveaz.com Is the explanation as to where all the modern day PIRATES are working.
They make themselves out to be a large reputable company through the internet with their stock photo's etc. Give you great quotes, no mention of extras and how smooth and easy your move will be. You go ahead and make the booking and there's the mistake it all changes.
They stated that they would confirm the booking prior to the move, they did not I had to call them twice in order to make sure everything was a go. They show up on time, in a Budget rental truck which was obviously too small for the job and of course they are on an hourly rate and would have to make TWO jourbeys which would add to the rate and the travel time. Out gets the driver and the first thing before they start. There is a 19% of total bill as a gas charge, almost 13% tax (more than the county) Upcharge of $39 for 1 flight of stairs, additional for plasma tv. (19% of the final bill $133 to go 12 miles!!!!)
Oh and by the way they must have cash or a bankers draft nothing else will do. So I get the money $500 from the bank based on the $350.00 estimate so I had some spare incase of overage. They load the truck (it won't all go in as I mentioned earlier very convenient) when we get to our new home they hold us to ransom (PIRATES) $800 or we will not take your items off the truck, then they have the nerve to hold out their hands and state that there is a mandatory $10 per man tip!!!!!. If you don't pay them with the cash or the bankers draft they will drive off with all your items. They would not even remove the freezer which was loaded with food untill my wife went to the bank to get them the additional money over the $500 that she had already given them. The whole experience was a total nightmare and 30 hours later I am still waiting for the manager to call me with an explanation
I had a quotes from national movers (Bekins) who have 53 foot trucks which would have worked out cheaper and better.
These so called local movers all seem to be nothing more than odd job men or pirates who advertise on the internet and local papers. If they are lucky enough to have somebody like me contact them they offer a cheap rate rent a truck for the day and then rob you blind.
It is my full intention to pursue the matter through small claims court and would appreciate any comments from others that have used these pirates to support my case.
Anyway I suppose the moral of this story is don't try to save a buck by using pirates , go to a reputable company
Thank you for reading my comments

D Neff

The owner ,Casey Lewis, gave me a “worse case scenario” quote over the phone of $680.00. No one came to the house for an estimate. Knowing the square footage of our home and where we were moving to.... a high rise downtown with a loading dock and freight elevator. He said we would need a third man. That was included in the total for the quote. Casey denies the amount of the quote. Why would I go with them if I didn’t get a quote? We have other written quotes considerably lower but Dennis, my husband, wanted to go with Topline because they had moved us three years prior with no problems.

They were fifteen minutes late on moving day and we were charged for their lateness. We had everything boxed and organized to help things run smoothly. Dennis was working as a fourth man and worked very hard all day.

Felix, one of the movers, told us Thomas, another of the movers, wasn’t one of the companies full time movers and he didn’t really know what he was doing. The Topline website states only full time movers. Thomas was called last minute because of a shortage. Felix was constantly correcting what he was doing. This is why my table base and floor was damaged . Thomas didn’t wrap the table base in cardboard, shrink wrap and blankets before he put it on the dolly. Felix explained this to us after we saw the broken table base.

Another mishap, Thomas removed the bedroom door instead of removing the legs of a large desk and ended up making deep gashes in the door frame and on the desk leg. I let that one go unreported.

The movers took a long lunch and went back to the office to get dollies on our time. Paul wasn’t able to park the truck in the appropriate location at the high rise, after numerous tries, close to the freight elevator so time was added because of the distance factor. Dennis said he could have easily parked the truck closer where it was designated for movers. This problem added quite a bit of time.

The last piece of furniture was my heavy armoire which was dragged at an angle over the unprotected hardwood floor because Thomas couldn’t get a grip on it and lift it with Felix. I watched and listened to the scratching of the floor. Two foot curved, deep scratch into the bedroom.

8:30AM to 6:20PM for a 1600 square foot house....four men working. $1050.00. It was a nightmare.

When we questioned the total, Casey was called and he yelled, threatened and called Dennis names. We had to hang up because he became belligerent. I could hear him from across the room. Very unprofessional and irrational.

We ended up paying the $1050.00.
The $500.00 damaged table base with a $250.00 glass top we now can’t use. Topline paid us $46.80.
Estimate to repair the damaged floor $250.00. Topline paid us $46.80.

I was asking $300.00 so I could at least replace my irreparable table base. That doesn’t even include the floor damage.

We do not accept their low settlement amounts and are taking them to Small Claims Court.

The fact they were negligent and hired an incompetent mover, that they knew was a bad risk, cancels out their ridiculously low settlement. The consumer deserves experienced people to handle their precious positions. This was fraudulent .

The movers said Topline would take care of the damage problem and take it out of their checks over time. It happens all the time they said. Don’t worry they would make it good. They took our damaged table base and we haven’t seen it. What kind of a table can you purchase for $46.80?

We paid our part, even though we felt it was bait and switch. Topline needs to pay what we are asking.

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