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June 04, 2007


Kim Claudio

Moving can be so scary I have experienced a horrible ordeal more than just a year ago when moving to a new home. I also own a business with over 25 employees and we needed to expand as our company was growing, i found a place bigger enough to grow with a growing business, i was very skeptical about calling an Moving company due to the fact of the experience and the scams that are going on, I was able to find a company by the name of Packing Service Inc or there site i spoke with a rep there whom was very professional who offered to come to my office to give an exact quote on helping us pack up our office and prepare us for the move he also referred me to a site that talks about moving scams which in return saved me a lot of money. I recommend this company anytime.

movers moving company

Metal Men Movers & Storage is a Toronto based company engaged in moving business since 2009 with a difference. Our services distinguish us from the rest. Every customer is special to us either new or returning. We merit the relations. A majority of the customer comes to us by referral from our old customers.

B. Lee

Beware of "Neighbors" moving company and also their subcontractor called "Whitegloves" They are definitely a scam, I've had to pay over $4000 for a move that was quoted at $1600, and I'm still holding my breath. They promised to deliver my stuff within a few days and it is now almost a month with no definite set due date. They used the typical scam of saying now I have over 4000 poinds , and another one of their customer reps called to tell me it was in fact over 10,000 pounds. Buyer beware is all I can say, I failed to get references and this is the result.

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